GLOBAL 2021.04.19

Enjoy vivid images with an extremely seamless screen! 120Hz Samsung OLED

Samsung OLED is beloved in the smartphone market. Now you can enjoy the best image quality with a high refresh rate and seamless screen! Let’s dive into the extraordinary OLED technology of Samsung Display!
GLOBAL 2021.04.13

[Press Release] Sungchul Kim, president of Samsung display, was awarded ‘Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize’

Sungchul Kim, president and head of the Mobile Display Business for Samsung Display, was awarded the 2021 Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize by the Society of Information (SID). Dr.Kim is recognized for contributing to the successful launch of mass-production of high-resolution AMOLED displays with LTPS (Low-Temperature Polysilicon) technology. The SID, an authoritative industry organization for displays founded in 1962, created this prize in 1987 in honor of the German physicist and Nobel Laureate Karl Ferdinand Braun, who invented the cathode-ray tube (CRT). The Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize with the highest authority is awarded for outstanding technical achievement in the display industry, honoring those who have pioneered the underpinning commercial displays. With winning the award, the SID introduced his outstanding achievements, such as slimming the display with the adoption of “On-Cell-Touch” touch-sensing, development of flexible OLED that is bent and folded, and mass-production of foldable OLED with ultra-thin glass (UTG). The president Sungchul Kim had a doctoral degree in physics at Kyung Hee University and served as head of OLED development, Head of the display research center, and Head of the Mobile…
GLOBAL 2021.04.09

Samsung OLED : Optimal display for gaming performance

The best gaming phone You can experience. Seamless motion speed, Less bluelight, Superior image sharpness New era of High quality display for Gaming. Samsung OLED
GLOBAL 2021.04.07

[ESG Special Feature] Ep1. ESG: A Big Wave of Change Sweeping the Globe, and Sustainable Management Criteria

In January 2020, an annual letter sent by CEO Larry Fink of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, to the CEOs of major corporations became a hot topic. The letter said BlackRock would reflect climate risk and ESG factors as key elements for investment decision-making. Blackrock explained, “By looking at the environmental, social and governance factors, investors can effectively gain essential insights on corporate management, and this also allows them to get a long-term outlook for the company”. Through the letter, BlackRock conveyed its ambition to carry out sustainable investment strategies that embed ESG insights into traditional investment methods. Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) began to actively utilize ESG strategies by introducing regulations on ESG disclosure and classification systems and to apply them to non-EU financial companies that sell financial products in Europe as well as most European financial companies. Korea is on the same page too. In March, the National Assembly launched the “ESG Forum” and held an inaugural and commemorative seminar. 58 ruling and opposition lawmakers and 128 organizations including companies, financial institutions, and ESG-related specialized agencies…
GLOBAL 2021.04.05

The heyday of OLED displays for smartphones! Widening application of OLED displays~

A number of market research companies predicted that the global smartphone market would recover, driven by the proliferation of 5G smartphones and unleashing pent-up demand after COVID-19 crisis. TrendForce, a world leading market intelligence provider, analyzed that smartphone sales will increase by 9% year-on-year to 1.36 billion units. Another global market research firm, IDC, forecast that smartphone market volume in 2021 will grow by 11.4% year-on-year as market is widened with 5G smartphones at accessible price and foldable smartphones. As such, the expected growth in the smartphone market is fueling anticipation of the expansion of smartphones featuring OLED displays that vary from premium smartphones with new form factors to mid-range ones at highly accessible price points. In today’s Samsung Display newsroom article, let’s look at various smartphones with OLED screens we can expect this year. Market share of OLED displays for smartphone continues to grow year by year OLED displays are rapidly gaining revenue share in the global smartphone market. In a recent report, Omdia, a global technology research firm, analyzed that the revenue of OLED displays in the smartphone…
GLOBAL 2021.03.24

What makes future cars even more perfect? The Latest Cars Featuring Cutting-Edge Displays

The automotive display has emerged as a core component of a car that provides essential driving information to drivers and passengers. The time has begun when a single display in a car to replace essential car devices such as gauge cluster needles or car stereo with physical buttons. On top of this trend, the pandemic-triggered social distancing measures encouraged people not to use public transportation and to spend more time in a car, boosting the adoption of automotive displays. Now, displays are more than just a navigation and media playback device but serve entertainment functions from watching movies, listening to music, and playing games. Automotive Display, an essential component of a car Only five years ago, displays mounted on a car featured limited functions. A few years ago, in the instrument cluster, a 3.5-inch or 4-inch display that delivers vital vehicle information was often placed in both sides of the gauge cluster needles. This display mirrors driving information, including a trip computer, vehicle’s driving performance status, average fuel economy, digital speedometer, vehicle settings, and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). Information…
GLOBAL 2021.03.23

[Press Release] Samsung Display Finding Growing Interest for Low-power OLED Displays with Global Customers

Has just supplied its low-power OLED panel featuring ‘Adaptive Frequency’ technology to Oneplus and OPPO Low-power OLED display technology key to accommodating increased smartphone usage from pandemic-triggered hikes in virtual interaction and steady 5G network expansion After premiering ‘Adaptive Frequency’ low-power OLED display technology on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone late last year, Samsung Display said it is seeing increasing interest from other global manufacturers for these power-saving display panels, which are well-suited to 5G phones. OPPO, the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, is the first Chinese smartphone maker to adopt the Adaptive Frequency technology. OPPO’s new flagship lineup, the ‘Find X3’, features the Samsung Display’s OLED panel with a refresh rate* that varies depending upon the application in use. OPPO said that it is seeing its premium phone’s total power consumption cut as much as 46 percent. Samsung Display’s Adaptive Frequency technology minimizes power consumption by automatically adjusting a display’s refresh rate for the application being used at any given moment. For instance, the adaptive refresh rate enables the OLED panel to reach 120Hz when playing a fast-moving…
GLOBAL 2021.03.19

[Better lifestyles with superior displays] EP.7: The Changing World with Samsung OLED!

What will displays look like in the future? Not only a muti-foldable display that is in-folded and out-folded but also a stretchable display that can stretch out to every direction! Samsung OLED technology is possible to make our imagination a reality. Samsung Display will create a smart daily life with the best display technology ever.
GLOBAL 2021.03.16

Best Choices for Mobile Game Users! Samsung OLED

The number of mobile game users has dramatically increased due to the stay-at-home time. Several global smartphone manufacturers are scrambling to launch gaming IT devices to serve the growing gaming market. It includes smartphones and laptops that adopt high-resolution displays. Let’s meets the extraordinary features of the Samsung OLED.
GLOBAL 2021.03.16

[Press Release] Samsung Display Intends to Lead the Gaming Display Market as Demand for At-home Entertainment Continues to Spiral

Will supply OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays not only to gaming laptop market, but also for gaming smartphones such as the ROG Phone 5 from ASUS Verified as having a ‘Seamless Display’ thanks to its fast response time and high refresh rate of more than 120Hz Earned an ‘Eye Care Display’ designation from SGS* by emitting less than 6.5 percent of blue light. Amid exponential growth of the gaming industry that is being fueled mostly by more stay-at-home time, Samsung Display announced today that it will aggressively expand its presence in the gaming smartphone and laptop (note PC) markets with OLED displays optimized for high-resolution gaming content. With more people practicing social distancing by staying at home, the number of online gamers has surged, and end-product manufacturers are scrambling to launch gaming IT devices to meet demand for mobile displays of the highest quality. “Our OLED Display has valuable features befitting premium gaming content, such as fast response time and less blue light emissions,” said Ho-jung Lee, vice president of Mobile Display Product Planning Team at Samsung Display. “Consumers…